arrive logitics branded 18 wheeler toy trucks


Label - Challenges

Charting locations of MVPs relative to overall pipeline process

bullet points of Challenges to Business and Users

gratuitous image of primary users




Label - Solution




Label - Results - MVP 1

Bullet points of MVP 1 Values to Business and Users




Label - Results - MVP 2

Bullet points of MVP 2 Values to Business and Users




Label - Results - MVP 3

Bullet points of Values of MVP 3 to Business and Users

Quotes from users after testing the new system




gratuitous image of primary users

Value of Research




Label - Synthesis

data flow service diagram
data flow service diagram

value of diagraming and communicating processes that need to be automated




Label - Design - Sitemap

Site Map illustrating contract system bridging between Customer and Carrier Management Systems




Label - Production - Phased Development

enlarged portion of phase diagram

value of breaking down development into phases




Label - Production

Having Fun with Error States

Quotes from teammates




Label - Extra

Ship It - Ship It Real Good



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